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Air Matters Ltd.

Atmosph Enviro Noise Occupational Workplace
A close up image of a chamber under a microscope.

Air Resource Management Ltd.

Atmosph Stack Emissions
Close up image of vials being placed into an instrument by a gloved hand.

Analytical Research Laboratories

Municipal Industrial Trade Agri Soil & Plants Water
A black and white, close up photograph of the lens of a microscope. At the bottom of the photograph is the Analytix logo over a white band.

Analytix Ltd

Asbestos Atmosph Chem. Analysis Chem. Consult Enviro Forensic Meth & Mould Micro Occupational Soil & Plants
A scientist wearing a labcoat and safety glasses is sitting at a microscope. She is smiling.

Biodet Services Ltd.

Atmosph Micro
A close up image of test tubes in a rack. They contain a transparent purple liquid.

Capital Environmental Services 2005 Ltd.

Asbestos Atmosph Chem. Consult Forensic
A snorkeler  underwater taking samples using a net.

Cawthron Institute

Municipal Industrial Trade Enviro Chem. Analysis Micro Meats Dairy Fish Timber Foods Water
Close up image of a hand pipetting clear, colourless liquid into or out of a vessel within an instrument.

Chem Test Laboratories Ltd.

A male scientist operating an instrument.

Chemsafety Ltd.

Asbestos Municipal Industrial Trade Atmosph Chem. Consult Enviro Chem. Analysis Meth & Mould Noise Occupational Stack Emissions Workplace
A close up image of microscope chambers in front of sample bottles of transcluscent yellow liquid.


Municipal Industrial Trade Water
An instrument with many tubes.

Dowdell & Associates Ltd.

Asbestos Atmosph Chem. Consult Enviro Forensic
A close up image of a hand placing a vial into an instrument.

Flinders Cook

Bulk Liq. Chem. Consult Chem. Analysis Raw Materials
A close up photograph of a technician taking a swab sample of an area of timber. The technician is wearing full protective gear.

Forensic & Industrial Science Ltd.

Asbestos Chem. Analysis Chem. Consult Corrosion Enviro Forensic Geological Geotechnical Meth & Mould Paints & Coating Soil & Plants Timber
A scientist wearing a labcoat places vials into an instrument. A computer monitor is in the foreground.

Grayson Wagner Co. Ltd.

Chem. Consult Corrosion Forensic Paints & Coating
A close up image of hands operating a multi-channel pipette. There is a flask of bright yellow, transparent liquid next to the person's left hand.

Healthsafe Monitoring & Consultancy Ltd

Asbestos Noise Occupational Meth & Mould
A circular array of numbered beakers containing green liquid.

Hill Laboratories

Agricultural Asbestos Atmosph Chem. Analysis Dairy Enviro Fish Foods Industry Meats Meth & Mould Micro Municipal Soil & Plants Trade Water
A close up image of 2 rows of speciman containers with pink or white lids, all containing opaque greeny-yellow liquid. One is open and a pipette is shown extracting liquid.

K2 Environmental Ltd.

Asbestos Atmosph Chem. Consult Enviro Meth & Mould Micro Noise Occupational Stack Workplace
A female scientist examines specimens under a microscope. She is looking at a computer monitor which is displaying the view from the microscope. The specimens appear to be a type of worm and a starfish.

LABTEC (part of Envirolab Group)

Agricultural Biotech Bulk Liq. Chem. Analysis Chem. Consult Consumer Testing Foods Forensic Med & Vet Meth & Mould Occupational Raw Materials Timber
An collage image showing various testing techniques offered by Materials & Testing Laboratories Ltd.

Materials & Testing Laboratories Ltd.

Consumer Testing Corrosion Failure Analysis Mechanical NDT Inspection Paints Weld Inspec.
A scientist wearing a white labcoat is working at a microscope.

MetalTest & Associates Ltd.

Chem. Analysis Chem. Consult Corrosion Foundry Metallurg. Raw Materials
A close up image of 2 blood agar plates stacked on top of each other. No cultures can be seen. There is a page of handwritten notes underneath the plates.

Precise Consulting and Laboratory Limited

Asbestos Atmosph Chem. Consult Meth & Mould Occupational Workplace
A scientist wearing a lab coat and safety glasses holds a rack of test tubes. They contain clear, yellow liquid.

SGS Minerals and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

Enviro Fish Geotech Meats Micro Municipal Noise Occupational Agri
A close up image of 5 flasks on a rack, containing a transluscent, cloudy green liquid. The flasks have black handwritten numbers on them and foil caps.

Technical Compliance Consultants (NZ) Ltd.

Chem. Consult